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little girl with tub of fish  kenya  africaMaking a Living- Barely 8x10  kenya  africa_dsc0262 8x12  kenya  africalittle boy with bowl of food  kenya  africaDSC_0286  kenya  africaPersistance Embodied  kenya  africa_DSC0077 copy_DSC0176  kenya  africa_DSC0182  kenya  africa_DSC0188  kenya  africa_DSC0279  kenya  africaAngela and Lisa  kenya  africa_DSC0267  kenya  africa_DSC0291 lamu streets  kenya  africaDSC_0399 copy_DSC0025  kenya  africaserving-beans  kenya  africaboy with bowl in rocky field copy  kenya  africachild with tub of little fish copy  kenya  africaBaby Rose with father copy  kenya  africa